How to Start Exercising Again After a Long Winter

how to start exercising

When the weather is cold and the days are short, it is easy to become a little lazy. After all those months, you may be out of shape and you might not be able to figure out how to start exercising again. If this sounds like where you are at right now, take a page from Harmony Healthcare Long Island’s healthy living game plan for a healthier you.

Sketch Out a Plan

Before breaking a sweat, sit down and brainstorm your ideas for how to start exercising.

  • Think about the types of exercise you will perform
  • Where and when you will do them
  • And how much time you will spend exercising

Once you have your thoughts together, put your plan in writing so you do not forget it.

Develop Realistic Goals

When you are embarking on a new healthy living plan, start with goal setting. For example, aim to walk for 30 minutes a day, three evenings a week. Short-term and long-term goals like these can provide you with extra motivation when you need it the most.

When developing your goals, remember to consider the government’s official guidance on physical activity.

Every week, adults should perform at least:

  • 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity
  • Or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity

If you are feeling ambitious, you can exceed those recommendations. An exercise routine of 300 minutes a week of physical activity can provide greater health benefits.

Find out how to start exercising the right way

Start Slowly

Just thinking about how to start exercising again can cause some people to sweat. If you are having trouble getting your healthy living plan off the ground, try taking baby steps. There is nothing wrong with starting slow and building up from there.

However you decide to approach your exercise plan, remember the importance of staying well-hydrated, especially in warm weather.

Make Exercise a Part of Your Weekly Routine

You are more likely to reach your health and wellness goals if you make physical activity a part of your everyday life. When an after-dinner walk becomes a part of your nightly routine, you will begin realizing the benefits of healthy living.

What Counts as Exercise

  • Whatever gets your body moving
  • Even activities that don’t feel like exercise, such as walking a dog
  • Even things you have to do anyway, like putting away the groceries

Switch Up Your Activities

Many people struggle not only with how to start exercising again but also with avoiding boredom. On Long Island, there are countless exercise activities you could pick from, including:

  • Brisk walking
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Tennis

When you make your weekly exercise plans, feel free to get creative. Any activity that gets your blood pumping is fair game.

Learn how to start exercising today

Make Exercise a Social Experience

Nobody said that exercising needs to be a chore. You will have more fun and have better success if you invite others to join in. For example, a brisk walk can be more enjoyable when you catch up with a friend at the same time.

Use Your Support Network
We can all benefit from support and encouragement when beginning a new physical activity routine. Jot down a list of people in your life who can be a source of support, such as your partner, parents or friends. Let them know how they can best support your goal to live a healthier lifestyle.

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