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Harmony Healthcare Long Island (HHLI) provides primary and preventive health care services to all members of the community. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality, affordable medical services designed to prevent avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

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Safe, Confidential, Accessible Health Care for All

We will provide you and your family with complete health care services in a safe, confidential, accessible environment. Regardless of your insurance status or ability to pay, we care deeply about your well-being and comfort as our patient.

Harmony Healthcare Long Island is located in Nassau County

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You can receive our services at our centrally-located Nassau County health care facilities, which are all easily accessible by public transportation. At some of our locations, free patient transportation options may be available to you. Contact us for additional information.

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Local Health Care Just for You

We are active participants in the communities we serve.

Harmony Healthcare Long Island knows that every local neighborhood has its own distinctive culture, goals and needs. We want to understand you, your family and your community better, so we can best help you lead a happy, healthy life.

Family Health Center provides compassionate health care services

Personal Attention from Trusted Health Professionals

At Harmony Healthcare Long Island, you will always receive personalized attention from experienced, professional doctors and nurses. Our trusted team members will ensure that all of your health and well-being needs are being met.

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As members of your community, we are grateful for the opportunity to work to improve your health and well-being. Contact us or stop in a Harmony Healthcare Long Island location to learn more about how we can help you.