Your Health and COVID-19: ‘Is it safe to go out yet?’

your health and COVID-19

In just six short months, we have experienced a pandemic that has resulted in a complete upheaval of our lives. We have learned about the spread of germs and its prevention, the unpredictable effects of COVID-19, and experienced a fear beyond our control and comprehension. Now the questions to ask about your health and COVID-19 is: “Is it safe to go out yet? How much of my former life can I resume? Is it safe to go to a restaurant? The doctor? Food shopping? School?”

Nassau County Does a Valiant Job Flattening the Curve

Nassau County Health Department Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein validated that there is still a risk in all that we do, and the county will continue their efforts to protect us from resurgence. Nassau County aggressively persevered to flatten the curve and did a valiant job in providing as many resources as possible to address the risks.

Our internal data shows that we are seeing a less than one percent positive rate for COVID-19 in our health centers. We reveled when our data showed zero positive cases last week.

As the early epicenter of the pandemic in the US, New York served as a trailblazer in addressing the swiftness and urgency of the COVID-19 onslaught. Daily, sometimes momentarily, decisions were made in response to the rapid and continuous changes in the identification, duration and severity of symptoms related to your health and COVID-19.

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PPE Protects You and Me

At our health centers, staff wears PPE, masks, gowns, and gloves. Patients are pre-screened over the phone and screened on-site before admission to the health center.

Masks are available for patients; sites are cleaned continuously throughout the day; and negative pressure rooms are ready to isolate any individual who we suspect may be contagious. Telehealth visits are available, if there is suspicion of COVID-19 exposure or if the patient is not comfortable coming to the center.

Your Health and COVID-19: Becoming Comfortable Again

Although we have learned ways to minimize the risk, it still requires a certain amount of trust and confidence that others are being responsible too.  Public spaces, retail businesses, and eating establishments are making audacious efforts to protect us and to follow required precautions.

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We are Educated, Trained, and Prepared to Keep You Safe

So again, the question about your health and COVID-19 remains: “Is it safe?” It’s stressful to arm yourself for the COVID-19 battle awaiting outside your door. Going to work, walking the dog, gassing up your car all require forethought and planning.

Do I have my mask and gloves, a face shield, antibacterial wipes, and gel?  How crowded will this activity be?  Can I trust that others are following guidelines too?

We have mastered many strategies to protect ourselves and have proven that we can bend the curve.  So, is it safe?

We can’t guarantee we will never see another pandemic, but we can say we are educated, trained, alert, and prepared to do our best to keep you safe.

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