Cyberbullying Prevention: What Parents can do to Help

cyberbullying prevention

From rumor-spreading to physical threats, more than half of all children in America admit to having been the target of cyberbullying. Although the harassment typically happens online and out-of-sight, parents are not powerless. Learn how to help your children stay safe online with these cyberbullying prevention strategies.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that happens exclusively online — via social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, text messages, apps or other digital forums.

Cyberbullying can include:

  • Embarrassing or cruel online posts or digital pictures
  • Online threats, harassment, and negative comments
  • Stalking through emails, websites, social media platforms and text messages

Just like typical schoolyard bullying, every child old enough to have a cell phone can be vulnerable to cyberbullying. However, it’s possible to keep you kids safe online if you follow a few simple tips.

Learn cyberbullying prevention tips.

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for Parents

Learn About Cyberbullying

To best help your children, learn the basics about cyberbullying, including the latest social platforms, apps and slang terms used online.

Here are a few credible cyberbullying prevention resources to help you get started:

Talk to Your Kids

Research has shown that it is important to maintain an ongoing discussion with your children about online interactions. Begin the conversation by explaining what cyberbullying is, and then create a plan together about what to do it if it does happen. Let your children know they can come to you if they receive anything inappropriate, upsetting or dangerous.

Monitor Your Child’s Behavior

These days, it’s likely your child has an active online life, including spending time on social media every day. To help with cyberbullying prevention, consider developing a set of family rules for online activity, including:

  • Which social media networks and apps can be used
  • How much time they are allowed online
  • Appropriate digital behavior

Parents can assist with cyberbullying prevention.

Take Action if Necessary

If cyberbullying becomes severe or persistent, action, such as contacting a school official or law enforcement professional, may be necessary. Reporting the incident can sometimes be helpful in bringing the situation to a positive conclusion.

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