Eyestrain Headaches or Other Eye Issues? Find Out What to Do

eyestrain headaches

Whether they are emerald green, baby blue or some other hue, your eyes need special care and attention. If early warning signs go unnoticed, eyestrain headaches and other troublesome eye issues can get worse and develop into bigger problems. To protect your vision, learn about several common eye issues that could signal it’s time to see the eye doctor.

Eyestrain Headaches

Eyestrain headaches, which occur when a person’s eyes get fatigued due to intense use, are one of the most common types of eye issues. They often happen after spending long periods of time staring at a computer screen or other digital device.

5 Signs to Watch

  1. Eye fatigue
  2. Soreness, burning or itching in the eyes
  3. Light sensitivity
  4. Difficulty keeping eyes open
  5. Blurred or double vision

Since headaches may be a sign that you have underlying eye issues that need to be addressed, consider scheduling a visit to see an eye doctor if eye pain is persistent.

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Watery Eyes

Although everybody needs a good cry now and then, excessively watery eyes may be an indication that your eyes are particularly sensitive to light, wind or temperature changes. Sometimes, eye protection, like sunglasses, can be the solution.

However, overly watery eyes could also be a warning sign of a more serious problem, such as an eye infection or a blocked tear duct. Your eye doctor can assist you if you are experiencing issues like this.

Dry Eyes Syndrome

Dry eyes syndrome is a condition in which an individual’s tear glands cannot make enough tears or are producing poor-quality tears. This common eye issue tends to cause discomfort, ultimately leading to the itching, stinging and burning of the eyes. In rare cases, loss of vision may occur.

Depending on the severity of dry eyes, treatment options include:

  • Over-the-counter topical medications
  • Putting a humidifier in your home
  • Special eye drops that stimulate real tears
  • Plugs placed in tear ducts to decrease tear drainage

Like with eyestrain headaches, dry eyes may improve if you limit screen time. However, the best place to start is by scheduling an eye exam.

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Those who have diabetes are at a higher risk of developing eye problems. If you have this condition, one of the best ways to protect yourself is by managing diabetes with a healthy diet and regular exercise. It is recommended that those with diabetes receive a yearly eye exam because the early stages of diabetic retinopathy don’t usually have any symptoms.

When diagnosed early, diabetic retinopathy can be treated with medication. If it isn’t caught early, diabetic retinopathy can cause blood vessels in the retina to start to bleed into the vitreous (the gel-like fluid in the center of the eye), potentially causing dark, floating spots or streaks in a person’s vision.

Eyestrain headaches are a sign you could need glasses.

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