Cyberbullying Prevention: What Parents can do to Help

cyberbullying prevention

From rumor-spreading to physical threats, more than half of all children in America admit to having been the target of cyberbullying. Although the harassment typically happens online and out-of-sight, parents are not powerless. Learn how to help your children stay safe online with these cyberbullying prevention strategies.

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Our COVID-19 Dental Safety Precautions and Protocols

Staff Blogs

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted how dental care can be safely delivered in the short-term and will likely stimulate permanent changes in dental safety precautions and protocols.  The question of “what are we doing differently than before” comes to mind. To best answer this question and improve your peace of mind, we would like to advise that we dental professionals are very familiar with occupational health issues and the corresponding risks assessments in order to reduce the risk of exposure during COVID-19.

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Vital Diabetes Information for Nassau County Adults and Children

diabetes information

Diabetes is a common health condition that now affects more than eight percent of Nassau County adults. However, diabetes is a highly treatable disease — developed by both adults and children — that can be successfully managed through medical treatment and living a healthy lifestyle. To help your family stay healthy and happy, learn some valuable diabetes information.

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Did You Know that a Healthy Smile Begins at Birth?

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healthy smile

Keeping a child’s gums and growing baby teeth healthy is extremely important and should not be overlooked. Baby teeth, though they eventually fall out, serve many purposes such as assisting children in chewing food, speaking clearly, and of course holding the spaces for their future adult teeth. By beginning to take good care of teeth at an early age, you will help your child develop a healthy smile for life!

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Suicide Prevention Month: Actions to Take to Help Others

Behavioral Health
suicide prevention month

Every September, the mental health community comes together to shine a spotlight on suicide, which is now the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. The message of National Suicide Prevention Month is that this major health concern is preventable if you know the warning signs and recommended actions to take. Learn what you can do to help a loved one get through a difficult time.

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Why School-Based Health Centers are Important to Children’s Health

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children's health

Children’s health and education go hand in hand. If children are bothered by poor vision, untreated asthma, or anxiety and depression, they won’t be able to reach their full potential in the classroom. In the United States, millions of children and adolescents—especially those of color and those who live in underserved communities— face the reality of going to school with physical and mental health concerns that threaten their well-being and educational performance.

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