How to Make the Most of Your Next Pediatric Checkup

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pediatric checkup

Harmony Healthcare Long Island understands how important it is to you that your children grow up healthy and strong. We also know how important a pediatric checkup is to a child’s health and wellness. To help your family make the most of your visit to our health center, we have a few helpful hints to help you prepare for your appointment.

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Your Health and COVID-19: ‘Is it safe to go out yet?’

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your health and COVID-19

In just six short months, we have experienced a pandemic that has resulted in a complete upheaval of our lives. We have learned about the spread of germs and its prevention, the unpredictable effects of COVID-19, and experienced a fear beyond our control and comprehension. Now the questions to ask about your health and COVID-19 is: “Is it safe to go out yet? How much of my former life can I resume? Is it safe to go to a restaurant? The doctor? Food shopping? School?”

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What Every Parent Needs to Know About Kids and COVID-19

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kids and covid-19

To help educate parents in the community, Harmony Healthcare Long Island’ Director of Pediatric Clinical Quality Suanne Kowal-Connelly, MD, FAAP created four entertaining and engaging videos, which provide professional insight on key topics related to parents, kids and COVID-19.

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